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I'm Alice, and I creat Undrake Creative to share my work and knowledge

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Concept Development

 IDEA  An idea never comes to one mind, so it's crucial to delve deep into the problems and discover integrated solutions, to be able to deliver the "same" target-oriented messages in a new way.

 PLOT  The main driving force of any story is the antagonist, and this problem could be anyone or anything, but if the idea is the key to delivering the product USP, then the screenplay - is the strategy.

 TONE  Every audience has their feelings and expectations, so the story should not only grab the attention but also catch the audience's heart and call to predictable action.


 STORYBOARD  We all possess a unique vision that comes together in the storyboard to create a single visual narrative. This is the stage where many plot ideas will burn and be born from ashes.

 2D ANIMATIC  Is the cheapest way to feel and see the story in time, and test it durability.



3D ANIMATIC Directing the voice actors and motion actors on set, along with planning the shooting day. Directing the audience's attention,




I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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