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I worked with an already well-written script and mood reference. The main goal was to show the mech crafting progression and the dynamic action from the battlefield, with different stages of the fight. There were two separate stories with their own progression and connection in the end. That was a rush!

Assembled city from various project library assets. Used scattering and instancing techniques to achieve more details. Lighted and Rendered all outdoor shots. Our comp department made the final color grading.

I'm proud that I had an opportunity to work on this project. Every shot is a team effort!

The slides were drawn with the help of our concept artist.

In this case, it was clear enough to move the story further in 3D. We didn't have much time on that project, and to help myself with lighting such an amount of shots, I rotated the sun in each shot and chose the most interesting light and shadow scenarios. Below you can see an example of how it looks.

For the whole story, we passed 41 iterations of production edits with a bunch of improvements in each stage. All holograms were added by our talented compos team who bravely fought for the final look.

And that's it. Thanks for your time!

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