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I was happy to work with the talented Sergei Protasovitski. This trailer was made as a part of a huge campaign for the WoT grand final in Moscow. The main goal here was to show the cinematic example of the WGL match, where two different teams fought each other. I'm proud that I had an opportunity to work on this project. Every shot is a team effort!

On that project, I worked with some shots as well. I assembled the whole location from game assets, and have to lookdev some of them as well. Also, I destroyed some buildings with the destruction toolset that was made by our tech team. Used the scattering and instancing techniques to achieve more details. Also, I Lighted and rendered some shots.​​​​​​​

The pre-production stage is one of my favorite parts, we chose the street from the existing map and started to think about how to build the story. Then I started to draw the storyboard for the CGI part. You can see there how we were planning our future cameras and actions. The last part of the storyboard was drawn by our art department artist, who soon connected to the project.


Yep, I drew like a child)) While the storyboard ended, I already started to assemble a 2D prewiz. In further steps, Sergei with our in-house composer pushed this story forward with the final music and SFX. Below you can see a comparison between storyboards, 3D animatic, and the final video. Our animators did a great deal here.

I also worked with some shots and assembled the entire location from game assets. To achieve a more detailed look, our VFX artists created a cool building digital asset, which also allowed us to destroy it completely. So, I just separated this location into different sectors (scenes) to be able to render all this stuff and then made some mess. In the video below you can see an example from one of the shots I worked on.


And that's it. I hope you find it interesting and thanks for your time!

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