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That was a really great race! Our creative team presents a great story concept. After I wrote and staged the race events on track. The speaker line was delivered by our copyright team. The intro part was brilliantly done by our creative director and talented art department. The teamwork power!

Also, I assembled outside and inside work factory environments from different assets. I had to create some tools that helped me to build the factory from different walls and roof sectors. The pine, girder, fence, and other repeated objects were made with the same technique. Also, I lighted and rendered some shots.

I'm proud that I had an opportunity to work on this project. Every shot is a team effort!

I'm happy to share the earliest pre-production version I edited while testing the story in time. Usually, in such an early stage I'm working with the reference music. This project is a good example of the usual process, as we had rights to this track. Due to time constraints, I directed the action for the 2D animatic using the Houdini camera. The 3D segment was completed with assistance from our team.

I also worked with several shots as a layout and lighting artist, as an example, provided below is a raw rendering of a shot for which I held the role of environment and lighting artist.

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