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Throughout my life, I have carried an unwavering passion for storytelling. Over the span of 10 years in the CGI industry, I have focused on directing cinematics for AAA games, leading the vision for 8 exceptional projects, with 2 of them being honored with awards. As evidence of my storytelling aspirations, I have written 5 screenplays for released CGI trailers, crafted several creative concepts, and won some pitches & tenders.

Storytelling as a Passion

Narrative art has seized my heart as visual stories transcend language barriers, speaking through myriad unspoken tongues. We can find stories not only in well-written scripts or good acting, but in narrative cameras, suggestive sound, editing rhythms, expressively lighted scenes, or well-assembled environments. A standout cinematic story is a complex task that catches, involves, and touchingly impresses the audience. It's like a seed that grows memorable feelings, and that is why storytelling has always been my passion.

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